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TAXMITR is a CSR Activity of VGNC to exclusively serve the individuals in their Tax Planning and Tax Compliance.

VGNC is a noted brand in business and tax consulting managed by professional experts in the respective fields. TAXMITR is designed to cater all the concern of the Individual Tax Payers and to assist in filing ITR and dealing with Income Tax Department as their authorized representative and handling all the income tax cases efficiently and effectively.

About VGNC

VGNC is a Business Advisor with a focussed approach in specialised area of audit, tax & advisory services with a dynamic and vibrant team of professionals serving the corporate business since 2004. Our Approach is to make a thorough diagnosis of the respective business areas with all the complexities involved and provide effective & actionable business solutions tailored to client’s needs. The idea is to work as an Enabler to relieve the management so that it may concentrate on core activities of business growth while we undertake the other operational concerns as much as possible.

We see our role as a sincere Partner who is close enough to share management concerns and far enough to perform thoroughly professional. And hence we dare to call ourselves ‘VGNC-A Partner You Grow With

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What We Offer , How to Execute  and Why Choose Us

Our Service

  • Filing of Income Tax Return
  • Processing of Refund
  • Handling of Income Tax Notices
  • Online Consulting on Tax Matters
  • Financial and Tax Planning
  • Personal Accounting
  • Scrutiny Assessments


Service Pattern

Taxmitr will be a CSR activity promoted by VGNC for  awareness of Tax and to help government promote the tax compliances and promote tax literacy.The services of taxmitr will be free of cost for all the salaried individuals.

Taxmitr Benefits

For all the others who are having Income from sources other than Salary and interest income, like business income or dealing in shares etc, will be provided an entry coupon by Taxmitr to consult VGNC . Thereafter VGNC will provide the service and will charge as per the services offered to the Individual at concessional fee

Frequently Asked Questions

Step by Step Tax Return Filing Consultants in Delhi

Step by Step Tax Return Filing Consultants in Delhi


Step by Step Tax Return Filing Consultants in Delhi http://taxmitr.net Income Tax refers to the tax levied by the government for financing its various operations. It is counted on an annual basis, of the income earned in the previous year, also called the Assessment Year.

In simple language previous year (Assessment year) is the financial year in which the income is earned with profit. The earnings earned in the course of this previous year is charged to tax in the assessment year. The charge of Income Tax in India is executed according to the provisions made under the Income Tax Act. Income Tax additionally works as an economic stabilizer that aids in distributing wealth among people equally.

According to India tax laws earnings from the following resources is deemed taxable:

  1. Salaries
  2. Earnings from property
  3. Profits of enterprise or professions
  4. Capital gains
  5. Income from other sources


Best Online Consulting On Tax Related Matters

Best Online Consulting On Tax Related Matters

We are providing free service at our portal www.taxmitr.net (Taxmitr).   you can apply your income tax return free of cost by uploading you details and form-16

We provide you Easiest Way of filing your Income Tax Return Online.


Our purpose is simple CSR activity for Service Person – to simplify tax filing by offering you the best in professional assistance without any of the hassles that come along. Because we believe that the topic of tax has been in a bubble of complication for far too long. We intend to burst that bubble and redefine the common perception by making tax filing easy.



Our experts help you in maximizing your deduction so that you save your hard earned money.


File now to get your maximum refund, just enter PAN and you can track refund anytime.


We automatically prepare your ITR by importing data from form-16.


Got stuck? Our experts are available round the clock to make your tax life easy.


Our knowledge center ensures that you never miss out on any tax update and you understand every minute detail of tax.


It’s Simple, Secure, Intuitive and fun to use. You can file your return within 4 minutes.

Income tax filing service for serviceman

Income tax filing service for serviceman

Easiest way of Efiling and Saving Income Tax in India http://taxmitr.net Comprise taxation on income earned in a financial year a part of which is taxable as per rates prescribed for that year. With the financial year running from 1 April to 31 March of following year, broadly taxpayers are classified as residents or non-residents where the individual taxpayers can be classified as ‘residents but not ordinary residents’.

Residential Status

An individual is considered resident in India if he is in India in tax year for:

  • 182 days or more
  • 60 days or more where the period of 60 days stands changed to 182 days or more for – Indian citizens/persons of Indian origins on visit to India
  • For citizens of India leaving India for employment abroad as members of crew of Indian ship during tax year

A resident is “not ordinarily resident” in India in any tax year if he:

  • Has been “non-resident” in India in nine out of 10 previous years preceding that year
  • Has during previous seven years, preceding that year been in India for total period of 729 days/less


Income is categorized under five broad heads/classes where the taxable component of income is ascertained as per the rules for particular head/class of income followed by aggregation for determining total taxable income. These include:

Salaries – Received against services rendered and include wages, pension, fees, commission and taxable value of perquisites.

Income from house properties that comprise income that arises from use of residential/commercial properties. Here, only two prescribed deductions are permitted while computing income.

Profits and Gains from Business/Profession that covers income earned from business/profession that is net of permissible deductions, against revenue earned.

Capital Gains that covers gains which arise from transfer of capital assets and the period of holding determining classification of asset, which then determines manner of taxation. The gains comprise short-term assets and long-term capital assets.

Income from Other Sources that are residuary head/class of income covering any income not specifically dealt with under other heads.


For foreign nationals, Indian tax law provides exemption of income earned subject to prescribed conditions. This is based on conditions like –

  • Individual’s stay in India does not exceed 90 days
  • Payment made is not deducted in computing income of employer
  • Remuneration received by person employed on foreign ship provided his stay in India not exceeding 90 days
  • Remuneration of foreign diplomats, consular staff, trade officials and their staff and family
  • Income of employee/consultant of government approved foreign charitable institutions

Tax Rates For Individuals For Financial Year 2017-18 (Assessment Year 2018-19) Is As Per Follows:

Income Range Very senior Citizen(who is
80 years or above at any
time during previous year)
Senior Citizen(who is 60 years
or above but below 80 years
at any time during previous year)
General Category & non Resident
Other than (a) & (b)
Upto Rs. 2,50,000 Nil Nil Nil
Rs. 2,50,001 to Rs. 3,00,000 Nil Nil 5%
Rs. 3,00,001 to Rs 5,00,000 Nil 5% 5%
Rs. 5,00,001 to Rs 10,00,000 20% 20% 20%
Above Rs. 10,00,000 30% 30% 30%

*For FY 2017-18, the Finance Minister has provided a maximum Rebate of Rs. 2,500 under Section 87A who are a RESIDENT INDIVIDUAL & Total Income Less Deductions (under Section 80) is equal to or less than Rs 3,50,000. If both the above conditions are satisfied, rebate of Rs 2,500 will be available under Section 87A. The rebate is limited to Rs 2,500. Which means if the total tax payable is lower than Rs 2,500, such lower amount of tax will be the rebate under section 87A. This rebate is applied on total tax before adding Education Cess(3%). This rebate is also available to Senior Citizens who are 60 years old but less than 80 years old.
Surcharge: 10% of income tax, where total income exceeds Rs.50 lakh but up to Rs.1 crore and 15% of income tax, where the total income exceeds Rs.1 crore.


Domestic Company – Turnover upto Rs. 50 crores

  • Income Tax: 25% of taxable income
  • Surcharge:
    At the rate of 7% of such income tax, provided that the taxable income exceeds Rs. 1 crore.
    At the rate of 12% of such income tax, provided that the taxable income exceeds Rs. 10 crores.
  • Education Cess: 3% of the total of Income Tax and Surcharge.

Domestic Company – Turnover exceeding Rs. 50 crores

  • Income Tax: 30% of taxable income
  • Surcharge:
    At the rate of 7% of such income tax, provided that the taxable income exceeds Rs. 1 crore.
    At the rate of 12% of such income tax, provided that the taxable income exceeds Rs. 10 crores.
  • Education Cess: 3% of the total of Income Tax and Surcharge

Firms Foreign Company

  • Income Tax: 40% of total income
  • Surcharge:
    At the rate of 2% of such income tax, provided that the taxable income exceeds Rs. 1 crore
    At the rate of 5% of such income tax, provided that the taxable income exceeds Rs. 10 crores
  • Education Cess: of 3% of total of Income-tax and surcharge

Kinds of Taxes

  • Annual Tax which is levied on income earned in a financial year and is based as per the rates declared in annual budget. With rates varying with each budget, the tax is payable in advance by way of quarterly installments during financial year.
  • Minimum Alternate Tax (MAT) is tax levied @ 18.5% of book profit. Here, the surcharge is at the rate of 7% of such income tax provided that the taxable income exceeds Rs. 1 crore and at the rate of 12% of such income tax, provided that the taxable income exceeds Rs. 10 crores Further, the Education Cess is @ 3% of total Income-tax and Surcharge.


Partnership Firms and LLPs (Limited Liability Partnerships) are to be taxed at the rate of 30%.

  • Surcharge: If income is greater than Rs.1,00,00,000 – 12% of income tax amount. Subject to marginal relief.
  • Education Cess of 3% of total of Income-tax and surcharge.